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Vol 1 No 1 (2019)
Published: 2019-05-29
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                                                                 Journal of the Society of Management Science and Engineering

Journal of the Society of Management Science and Engineering (JSMSE) is an international, peer-reviewed, scholarly journal that publishes scientific research on the latest improvement and practice of management science and engineering with emphasizes on modeling, optimization, computation and data analytics in identifying and solving management and engineering problems, making business decisions, and managing risks in uncertain and complex management and engineering systems.

JSMSE strives to stimulate the researches resulting from the collision of technological disruption, changing atlas of the world economy, and common challenges industrialists are facing today. It serves the entire management science and engineering community including researchers, practitioners, educators, and students. We encourage the studies addressing the research questions abstracted from management and engineering practices, the works focusing on new management topics brought by social and technological advancement, as well as the interdisciplinary research and cross-functional issues in management and engineering. JSMSE is committed to providing a platform for researchers and practitioners of management science and engineering management to share experiences and communicate ideas. Articles published in JSMSE contain fresh information and approaches. They provide essential information that will contribute to new scientific inquiries and improve competency, efficiency, and productivity in the field. Both empirical and theoretical contributions are welcome.

Major topics covered in JSMSE include the following:

  • Intelligent Management and Engineering
  • Operations Management and Industrial Engineering
  • Analysis of Uncertain Systems
  • Analysis of Complex Processes
  • Modeling and Applied Mathematics
  • Business and Management Analytics
  • Decision Making
  • Forecasting and Analysis
  • Optimization
  • Project Management
  • Evaluation of Systems’ Parameters/Factors
  • Analysis through Scientific Theories (e.g., Fuzzy Theory, Grey System Theory, Rough Set Theory, etc.)